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  • 1. Idea

    Starting from TraDAO and turning into Trava Capital, its growth is closely connected to our community.

    Correspondingly, when technology reaches another high and the market is in a bullish phase with many opportunities awaiting, it’s time for renovation and innovation.

    Therefore, our team has discussed carefully and had the first thoughts about the updates we can make with Trava Capital. We intend to separate it from Trava Finance into its own being — an AI platform that enables running liquidity provision strategies on blockchains.

    But no matter which direction we go, our ultimate goal is still to benefit users and the entire Trava ecosystem. Our community is always the center.

    2. Information

    Trava Capital is an important pillar of our ecosystem, which currently provides users with two main investment models — Treasury and Crowdfunding. It has been and is still bringing benefits to the community, however, our team foresees its even brighter future.
    Our goal is to build a trustless market-making infrastructure & strategies on DEX V3, as well as Lending pool on multi-chains, with the integration of AI technology. From there, Liquidity providers can utilize our features to have their liquidity managed in an automated, capital-efficient, non-custodial, and transparent manner. We hope to democratize market-making, enabling DEXs and Lending to become the primary trading venue for all assets, even beyond crypto.

    3. Ask for Suggestions

    During this initial ideation stage, the features we can propose include:

    • Multiple Concentrated Liquidity Positions
    • Cross-fee tier Vaults
    • Inventory Management
    • Non-Custodial
    • … and more.

    So what do you think about this new renovation and innovation plan for Trava Capital? With the new goal of becoming an AI platform that enables running liquidity provision strategies on blockchains as mentioned above, what features do you think we should add?

    💡 Reply under this topic with your idea(s)

  • Trava Knight Fellows,

    Trava Team has been trying to determine the most appropriate time to close the TOD Vault in the Listing Liquidity Call Program and start listing the TRAVA/TOD token pair.

    As mentioned in our recent article and AMA, TOD will play a very important role in the future of Trava Capital. Our new model is expected to provide more features to enhance decentralized market-making strategies on Web3, aiming for success in the dynamic DeFi space.

    Therefore, getting a good TVL number with TOD Vault this time and then listing the TRAVA/TOD token pair will be a perfect launching pad for Trava Capital's next steps.

    We want to hear more on the community's opinions 👉 Raise your voice here ✍

  • 1. Idea

    Recently, Fantom – one of the networks where Trava Finance deployed its lending system – encountered serious problems. In such a situation, every step must be carefully calculated to ensure the safety of our ecosystem, particularly the users.

    And as a DeFi platform, Trava Team always wants to listen and incorporate community opinions into each of our decisions.


    2. Approach

    Fantom is a high-speed blockchain platform, one of the largest in the cryptocurrency world with a wide range of influence, making its demise even more damaging. In just the first half of 2023, it has suffered countless blows to its core, leading to a terrible decline of its native token FTM. You can get more detailed information in this analysis of the situation on our blog HERE.

    In this situation, although we have urgently suspended our lending pool on Fantom, Trava Finance still needs to consider the next steps to protect the community. So, after discussion, Trava Team has come up with some ideas as follows:

    • Keep patience and give the Fantom situation time to resolve itself — waiting for the recovery of the ecosystem of DeFi products on Fantom.

    Besides the bad news, there are obviously some additional things to consider. For example, the Fantom Foundation has announced that it is working on a new cross-chain bridge that will be more secure than Multichain. Its community is still also active with a number of projects being developed, suggesting that some investors are still optimistic about its future.

    • Develop new features corresponding to Fantom's situation.

    To face the ongoing problems, Trava Finance has also thought about possibly developing technologies to overcome the challenge. It can lay the foundation for us to deal with similar situations in the future. However, this option faces a huge weakness which is the lack of immediacy, which could mean missing out on the golden time for future development.

    • Find another ecosystem rather than Fantom, moving there and creating a more resilient community.

    Although Fantom is strong, it is not the only one in the crypto world. There is no shortage of similar communities, perhaps even larger, to replace Fantom. Lately, there have also been many small but full of potential groups appearing on the market, promising a bright future. We have various options to target and make contact with such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, …

    3. Discussion

    So the question here is how do you think we should choose? If you have another opinion believed to be more reasonable, don't hesitate to speak out. We will carefully review everything to reach a final best decision.

    Raise your thoughts now to build up our ecosystem together!

  • 1. Idea

    Trava Station was launched on Testnet on August 24, and as the first version released, it inevitably has some shortcomings that we missed. That's why Trava team decided to reopen the Idea Contest for Trava Station, also according to the results of the previous Contest.

    2. Information

    This Idea Contest for Trava Station will be held for 1 month, from 25th of August to 25th of September, ending at 2PM UTC. The Contest has a total prize of 350,000 TRAVA, distributed equally among a total of 10 lucky winners. In which, 5 people are randomly selected from the group participating in Bug Hunt, and the remaining 5 people are from Suggestions. It is possible for a person to win in both parts, although the chance will be slim.

    Remember that in order for you to be eligible to receive your reward, you must fulfill the following requirements first:

    For Bug Hunt

    • Look for bug(s) in our product and fill out this Google Form: (more information can be found in there)
    • 5 winners will be chosen randomly, but your chance will be calculated according to the number and type of bugs you find.

    For Suggestions

    • Give ideas for further development on Trava Station and reply under this topic.
    • 5 winners will be selected through community voting.
    • More information below.

    3. Ask for Suggestions

    💡 Reply under this topic your idea(s) answering the following question: What actions in Trava Finance ecosystem do you use the most / think should be included in Tramlines?
    💡 After collecting the answers, we will create polls for the community to choose the most reasonable ideas to be executed.
    💡 5 people will be rewarded, after providing proofs of fulfilling our requirements.

    ⏳Timer: [1 month] 25th August - September || 2PM UTC

  • 1. Idea

    As announced recently, we are preparing to launch the Trava Station. Overall, it is a product expected to help users in our ecosystem have a more comfortable experience, saving time and money. Besides the details that our team is developing, we also want to hear from the community to create a Trava Station truly for you.

    2. Information

    Simply put, this is a platform where you can combine your actions in the Trava ecosystem into a single transaction. The user experience will be increased as you can reduce interaction time with different channels and the gas costs when performing multiple actions. Currently, Trava Station is designed with 4 main features, including Portfolio, Tramlines, Freight, and Junction.

    Trava Armoury NFTs.png
    In which, Freight is considered the core of this platform, where you can select the needed information and parameters, drag and drop actions to execute in the order you want. To do this, Trava utilizes Smart Wallet, which is a contract that represents the user (their proxy) and lets actions go through. When you first join Trava Station, you will be asked to create one, which will hold your assets during the Freight operation. After it is finished, the assets in Smart Wallet will return to your Main Wallet (like Metamask, Wallet Connect, etc.).

    As you can see, the below is the main interface of Freight as of now (we can modify it to be more user-friendly if you have suggestions for product development). In this case for example, you want to buy NFT on the marketplace but don’t have TRAVA, so you decide to supply USDT to borrow TRAVA. With Trava Freight, all those laborious, time-consuming and costly steps can be combined into a single transaction.

    Trava Governance.png
    In the current version, the scope of implementation with Freight in particular and Trava Station in general is still quite limited, mainly focusing on Lending Pool, Marketplaces, users' wallets… The actions include borrowing, returning assets, adding liquidity or withdrawing, executing conversion orders, buying or selling NFTs, tokens or other digital assets. Of course, we will develop the platform further, add more activities and features in the future, so that everyone has a truly seamless experience in the Trava ecosystem.

    Portfolio is where you can keep track of your position and all your assets in Smart Wallet in Trava Station. Tramlines and Junction are complementary features to Freight, in which Tramlines provide a list of pre-made sequences with arranged actions for you to import. Meanwhile, Junction consists of sequences that are not executed when you create, but are made active by a system bot only when a condition is reached.

    • For example, you can create a set of actions to sell TRAVA when the ETH price reaches $1000 — so when this threshold appears, our system bot will execute the pre-arranged actions.

    3. Ask

    After reading the above information, you may have understood a little more about Trava Station and our vision, right? We treasure all your opinions, because you are who Trava Station was built to serve.

    🌟So let us know what you think about this upcoming product, suggesting for further development!!

    🌟And look forward to the launch of Trava Station on August 24, 2023.

  • Idea:
    So, the Idea Contest has ended, and we are very happy to have received the enthusiastic participation of many members. There are those who gave not only one but dozens of different opinions, on many aspects and products of Trava Finance. From there, we have selected 10 ideas to proceed further:

    1. Open a contest for community members to create their own knights.
    2. Restructure the main page of Trava, removing the mountains with links to make it seem more user-friendly and easier to understand Trava's focus.
    3. Expand to other chains and add new ones, since BNB is in a potentially risky position.
    4. Add more DeFi protocols to BRicher, regularly updating good protocols and removing unsafe ones.
    5. Simplify the parameters in Lending Pools and add more tokens. Add a type of notification so people would know when liquidations are close.
    6. Increase the utility of TRAVA tokens by adding continuous token burn feature, periodically burning minted TRAVA. Allow them to be exchanged on all chains in Trava Lending.
    7. Reopen BNB/Trava safety passbook.
    8. Launch Knights leasing feature.
    9. Do Idea Contest more periodically.
    10. Start marketing on Crew3.

    Each of the ideas has been thoroughly researched by us, evaluated for their potential and feasibility. Don't be sad if your ideas are not here, they might just be slightly deviating from Trava Finance's development orientation, or not yet capable of being put into practice.

    This discussion is open in order to be able to involve the whole community in contributing to the development of Trava Finance. It’s expected to be a stepping stone before starting the voting snapshot, for everyone to dive deeper into these ideas and voice their own comments. From there, it is also possible for you to pick the best choices for the development of Trava, choosing a worthy winner (or winners).

    The founders and POs of Trava Finance will also check out this discussion, so don't be afraid to dig into each issue and ask the hard questions.

  • 1. Idea
    At the bear market, Trava Team focuses on building more features and products to expand the Trava Ecosystem. For example, to better manage Trava Lending Pool, Trava Finance has launched Governance.

    However, we'd also love to hear more from Trava Knights, and see the different perspectives on the flow of ideas. So with the ultimate goal of building a robust and diverse Lending protocol, we decided to start this Idea Contest.

    2. Discussion
    Raise your idea for developing products in Trava Finance's ecosystem:

    • Trava Lending Pool
    • Trava Capital
    • Trava Knight NFT

    Remember that Trava is Decentralized, so your ideas do not have to be limited to the above, or any technology, community or country. We'll listen to everyone's opinions, sifting through ideas from varying degrees of plausibility.

    Ultimately, the development of these services/products is entirely decided by Trava Knights, through a process of discussion and voting. With each idea, the Trava Team will be in charge of evaluation and debate to build the best finalists.

    The contributions from the Trava community will be a huge strength for the Trava Finance ecosystem.

    3. Execution
    All you have to do is create a Topic with #IdeaContest in the title, state your idea and submit it to Trava Forum in any categories of the three: Trava Lending Pool, Knight NFT and Trava Capital.

    We will be accepting your ideas until 10 A.M. UTC on May 5, 2023.

    After that, a voting snapshot will be opened, then the best ideas selected for implementation will be rewarded with 500,000 TRAVA.

    Raise your idea now to build up our ecosystem together!

  • 1. Idea
    veTRAVA marketplace is on its way, bringing us to the next level of the “Decentralized”.
    In detail, this feature fosters the power of users by enabling peer-to-peer exchange voting power in the form of veTRAVA (NFT form). For more information about veTRAVA Marketplace, access the article here

    In the first step of building the marketplace, we would like to collect the community’s ideas in main aspects, such as the token types and the fee charged, that will directly affect your experience and benefits.

    2. Current Status
    In general, the process of joining veTRAVA Marketplace could be simplified as below:


    • Lock their tokens in a particular period to get veTRAVA
    • Place their veTRAVA on the marketplace and set reasonable prices, based on the voting power and the locking amount (that will then be the buyer’s ownership)


    • Search and purchase the reasonable veTRAVA on the marketplace
    • Receive veTRAVA (voting power) and all locking amount

    3. Discussion
    In this case, you, as both sellers and buyers, need to consider these points:

    • Which token to buy and sell?
    • What is your opinion about the fee charged in veTRAVA Marketplace?
      Raise your opinion now so we will discuss more and come up with the best options.
  • @jefe811 Hi Jeff, Router has notified us that due to the ETH merge they were pausing the bridge, halting all the activities until the merge was completed. Now the merge has completed, the bridge is now open for all the activities. Please check again to see if there's any error: If there is, pls notify us to get it fixed. Thanks for your understanding

  • @dattrava said in Mind Combat: Call for innovative ideas to develop BRicher:

    Thanks for your idea. I think it is a great idea. The feature will be very helpful for users. Based on the strategies saved by investors, we can compare their profit and highlight the good ones. We can even offer a reward for good investors, as their strategies can help others a lot to make decision.

    yeah. I think so, too. Could we make a league for users to find the best strategies?