Hello @sir-kuana.
Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any potential exchange listing platform or timeline. What we can confirm is that negotiations are happening and new CEX listing is always in plans, but requires good market conditions and approvals from both parties first, the exchange and the project.

Kraken ❌
Listing on Kraken Exchange is pretty much impossible, they do not list Tokens randomly and the asset count available is low compared to other exchanges plus most of them are #100 Top assets.

Etoro ❌
Same as Kraken, the asset size list available for trading is low and only selected few are available. Again at least #100 Top Tokens.

Gate Exchange could theoretically damage the price of TRAVA Token due to airdrops for their exchange users, which they dump immediately after event is completed, plus projects have to donate Tokens for this event. MEXC and Bitmart listing are a perfect example. Plus Gate is not that renown, there are better exchanges to look at.

LBank ❓
Same logic as Gate.

Binance and KuCoin ⁉
These two exchanges are more likely to be on the list for the Trava Team to do negotiations with. Though listings on both exchanges are quite costly. But if I had to guess, these two exchanges are more likely to happen than any of the above.